If Only…

If only. How many times have we said that?

If only I had a better job.”

“If only I finished school.” 

“If only I had gotten married.”

“If I only I hadn’t gotten married.”

“If only I was a different person.”

“If I only I hadn’t gotten myself in to this bad situation.”

“If only I had better health.”

“If only I had listened.”

“If only I had followed my dreams.”

“If only I had the courage to say no.”

‘If only, if only, if only.”

We have to get over “if only.” If only often keeps us stuck in a defeated mentality where there is little to no hope, at least that we can see. We have to make the firm and conscious effort to look up—that’s where our help comes from. (Psalm 121:1) I know things may be tough and circumstances may not be optimal, but there is hope. You have to believe that the Lord will restore to you the years (or whatever) that were stolen. (Joel 2:25)

“For he will not often consider the [troubled] days of his life, because God keeps him occupied and focused on the joy of his heart [and the tranquility of God indwells him].” (Ecclesiastes 5:20 AMP)

Trust the Lord to see you through. He hasn’t forgotten about you. Instead of focusing on the past, the present or even the future—focus on the beauty of our living King. Everything else will seem strangely dim and unimportant when you look into the brilliance of His astounding & outstanding love. ~mnm

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