Back at our all-time favorite topic: forgiveness. 😬 Who doesn’t love dealing with things that they’d rather forget? However, it’s essential for your life and well-being. If you don’t walk in forgiveness, your spiritual armor will not work. Then, you open yourself up to all types of attacks from the enemy just because you won’t forgive.

This is what I feel the Lord is saying about forgiveness:

You are putting it for a distant time, you are putting it afar off but that is not what needs to happen. For you who say that you have forgiven everyone and you have no one left to forgive, I am asking you to dig deeper. I am asking you to look in the depths of your soul and allow Me to bring to the surface what is holding you back and what is keeping you from walking in your maximum for Me. I am asking you to know that whatever I am revealing is to be dealt with, not to be pushed back down and forgotten again. The enemy is using subversive tactics against you as is his MO. If he can get you to a place of comfort in unforgiveness, if he can get you to believe that you are okay–that you are doing all the right things. That you are following Me everywhere else. “That forgiveness thing, though. I will leave that alone,” you say. But that is not the case. It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. I am calling you higher. I am calling you deeper. I want you to know that whatever I am telling you is truth. You say ‘it’s too hard, I can’t do it.” I say to you that your life depends on your forgiveness. I say to you, don’t live in deception any longer. I say to you get free and stay free. Just because you suppress a thing doesn’t mean it is not oppressing you. Walk in truth and be amazed at how free you will be. Walk in the truth! The Light is beckoning you. Don’t be afraid when things get messy and exposed and everything feels raw and wilted. I have ordained you to be a forgiver. Quick to forgive big offenses and littles ones, old offenses and new ones. You are a champion forgiver because of the Blood of Jesus. Can you trust Me to walk in that with you? Can you trust Me to lead and guide you down the path of forgiveness? Forgiveness is a beautiful garden—come with Me and tend the garden. Come with Me and eat of the fresh fruit of forgiveness. Things that have been held back will spring forth by the catapult of forgiveness. Come on, taste and see that I am so good. I don’t want you to be bound by anything. Take upon My yoke, it’s easy and light! You’re not alone My child, I am here for you always.  Just forgive.

Come on, you’ve got this because God has you. Forgive now! There’s nothing that you cannot do with Christ in you.


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