About Forgiveness…

This forgiveness thing is no joke. It takes fortitude, strength and Holy Spirit. I’m not just talking about having to forgive people who keep stepping on your white shoes or who won’t text you back in a timely fashion. 😏 Yes, there’s forgiveness necessary for that too.

However, I am talking about forgiving the big stuff. How are you supposed to forgive someone who treated you horribly? Someone who stole from you? Someone who lied about or to you? Someone who mishandled you? Someone who disregarded you?

Maybe you’ve thought…”They don’t deserve my forgiveness.”

Yikesssssssss! Double yikesssssss! Had to say that again. My friend, that’s a dangerous spot in which to be–especially when we talk about what someone deserves.

I’m going to say something that I know you won’t like. My goodness, I don’t even like it:

Unforgiveness is rooted in pride. 😱😱😱

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Yes, that’s something the Lord was ministering to me. Pride is very me-centric.

“What they said made me feel awful.”

“I can’t believe they did that to me.”

When we don’t forgive we are siding with the wicked one—the author of pride! Isaiah 14:12-15 gives us a view of how ol’ slew-foot managed to get kicked out of Heaven. The enemy’s beauty betrayed him; he thought he was God’s equal?! 🙄 In essence, it was all about him and how he felt. Isn’t that how we act when we don’t forgive?

Pride is a deceiver in every area. Pride deceives us into thinking that forgiveness is optional. Not where we come from—the Kingdom of God 😄🙌!  Forgiveness is mandatory, no exceptions! (Matthew 6:15)

It may be a good idea to spend some time thinking about who you have yet to forgive. Before you say, “I forgave everybody”–ask Holy Spirit. He’ll help you. He helped me. You’ll be surprised at the memories that come up. You’re going to be okay, though. It’s all for your good; so you can experience the beautiful freedom of forgiveness. ~mnm 💕

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