Draw from the Well

So here we are. My first blog post. Ever. Can you believe it? A few months ago, I wrote this just for my own personal notes. After I was done, I said to myself : “This is a blog post.” Apparently, I was not that moved to share it until now, lol. It takes me a while sometimes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed researching it and writing it out.

Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out. (Proverbs? ?20?:?5? KJV)

This scripture is loaded with revelation. According to Strong’s Concordance found on the Blue Letter Bible site, the numbers are as follows:

Counsel: H6098
Heart: H3820
Man: H376
Deep: H6013
Water: H4325
Man: H376
Understanding: H8394
Draw it Out: H1802

“Counsel in the heart” is counsel, advice and purpose in the very core of your spirit, your inner man. It is deep in there, mysterious like in a well of wisdom and a person of understanding, wisdom, and skill will be able to draw, pull, lift it out…basically retrieve it. If you think about this in terms of someone that has wisdom that you are looking to get out, like, say, the expectancy when you go to church. You can expect to receive from whomever has the platform: the pastor, guest minister, praise and worship leader, announcements, lol. You have to expect to hear from God. You have to expect to receive a word from the Lord for you specifically. This is an awesome method to receive answers.

We can also look at it in a different way. You can look inward in your own heart, in your own deep well because the Holy Spirit is within you. Inside you already is the counsel, advice, purposes and mind of God. You have a well of wisdom from the Most High God within you. (Proverbs 18:4 WEB) You have to be wise, understanding and skillful about drawing it, pulling it and lifting it out. In short, you have all you need inside, in your reborn spirit. Your spirit is connected to the One that knows all (1 John 2:20), you just have to stir up the waters to retrieve it. (2 Timothy 1:6; Jude 1:20)

So whatever you need is in you. Be aware about how God reveals it to you, though. The revelation can come internally or externally, but the Source is the same! And…and!! Since counsel can be translated from Hebrew as purpose; we can say your purpose is already ingrained in you. It’s like your purpose is written on your spiritual DNA. So internally and externally what it is exactly will be drawn out as a confirmation to go further and deeper into the plans of God for your life!! Not just overall plans either. But your life’s work and such. However, the path to get you engaged in that work, day by day is already in you. What?!! 🙌🙌🙌 Our God is an awesome God indeed!! He thinks of everything! So there is no way that we should go wrong if we rely on Him to reveal the answers. ~mnm?

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    Awesome! I

    1. Nyesia

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your encouragement. 1 step of obedience at a time…

  2. L'Tanya Moore Stancil

    You are super talented Ny! You keep on, keeping on!!
    Love ya!

    1. Nyesia

      Thank you so much! Love you too!

    1. Nyesia

      You’re so sweet to me, thank you for the encouragement! God is good and faithful!

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